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H.W.Marius Bauer was born in 1951 in Oss in the Netherlands.After studying natural sciences at the universities of Groningen and Wageningen,he dedicated himself completely to the visual arts.He went to studied graphical arts at Artibus,the academy of arts in Utrecht.He still lives in Utrecht and works in the Netherlands,Italy and France. The paintings,which form the greatest part of his oeuvre,are executed on panels of masonite,triplex and multiplex.The paint he uses are acrylics disperged in water. Typical of his work is the dominant presence of the principles of composition. On the one hand works are carried out in one particular style,often figurative,on the other hand one finds works where different styles or motives meet or even collide.Works in this category can be real collages or mixed media,and if they are not,they can somethimes give that impression.The oeuvre of H.W.Marius Bauer consists of paintings,mixed media,collages photographs and drawings